Is your child new to playing sports? It might be time for a first sports season reality check. Expectations can make or break a season. ...
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Do You Have Time for Sports?

Do you have time for sports for your child? It's not an easy question. Have you considered the time involved? Will you still have time for your spouse and other... Read More

Should You Coach Your Child?

You may be anxious to help with your child's youth sports program, but should you coach your child? Take a look at your reasons and make sure your intentions are... Read More

Finding Academic Scholarships

While you're hoping for an athletic scholarship for your child, you should invest some time into finding academic scholarships. But where to look? Start with these suggestions, from the obvious... Read More

Single or Multi-sport Athlete?

Is your child a multi-sport athlete but thinking of focusing on one sport or specializing? Is this a good idea? Will it help your child develop sport specific skills? Make... Read More

How to Pay for College as an Athlete

Wondering how to pay for college for your child? Athletic scholarships are part of the picture. Take a look at how summer jobs, academic scholarships... Read More

Jobs for Busy Sports Kids

How do you find jobs and the time to work for busy sports kids? Network. Where do their friends work? Ask other parents. Come up with a job system at... Read More